Everything you need to
build better relationships
and win faster

Relationship AI

Relatas prioritizes your contacts and optimizes your accounts to let you know what needs your immediate attention.

Contact Interaction

Never lose a prospect

Relatas informs which contacts need immediate attention and suggest you ways to get in touch with them

Contact Interaction

At risk accounts

Relatas prioritizes your accounts at risk and provides insights on how to engage with them

Enterprise Team

Generate new leads

Relatas helps you generate new leads based on your existing relationships

Simple, but futuristic

Engage more effectively with your contacts with NO data Entry

Daily Agenda


Relatas integrates seamlessly with your Google or outlook mail and calendars

3 Click Contact Share


Relatas integrates with your android phone to seamlessly integrate with calls and SMS

Meet Intelligently


Relatas brings you the social insights of your contacts in a snapshot

Smart Insights

There are signals all around you. With so much social noise, Relatas’ AI shows you the right signals.

Contact Interaction


Get the real-time details of your contacts at any given time – your interaction history, common connection

All Interactions


Relatas gives you actionable insights to surface the data that matters to you the most

All Interactions


Relatas AI captures all the right signals and shows them at the opportune time

Relatas, helps you
build better relationships
and win faster.